Raquel Henriques: Tips for defining the abs

Every day they ask me what my secrets are to keep the abs tight . You may not believe it, but losing “that little belly” and defining the abs is easier than it sounds. There are no secrets from another world, it takes just the will, following a few steps and staying focused on the goal. You must also understand that everything takes time and achieving that perfect six-pack requires a lot of patience .

Here are some diet, training and supplementation tips that are part of my daily routine and that may be useful in your walk. Besides the tips below, also take a look at my other article, where I indicate a list of products and foods that can not be lacking in my daily life .

In a few weeks you will see the results appear. Let’s do it!

1) Nutrition tips for defined abs

Without a balanced diet of nothing will advance physical exercise, so and above all, it is very important to maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and protein. There are also little habits that, like me, can add to your daily life to help you get results faster. Try to follow these 4 tips:

Warm water fasting in the morning

In the morning, in fasting, I drink 1 or 2 glasses of lukewarm water with juice of 1 lemon . This ritual helps me cleanse the body and toxins out of the bloodstream .

Drink lots of water throughout the day

Drinking water is essential not only for a healthy body, but also for losing one’s belly . Three liters of water a day is ideal for maintaining hydration levels, replenishing nutrients and still see improvements in relation to your skin and hair.

Eat more often and in smaller quantity

Makes small meals at short intervals of time. Separating the amount of food you eat , at various meals and throughout the day , will help speed up your metabolism .

Say goodbye to white flours

Eliminating white flours from your daily diet is essential because it is low in nutrients and carries risks of obesity . This ingredient is present in foods such as breads, cakes, biscuits, pasta, but it is already possible to find healthier alternatives with low glycemic index.

2) Exercises to define the abs

Bodybuilding and high intensity workouts

Combine your strength training with high intensity interval training(HIIT) and you’ll notice the results of your effort. HIIT boils down to short-series explosive exercises with a high level of intensity and also little recovery time. The Benefits? You burn more calories in less time , and you gain more muscle mass while losing fat mass.

Bet on abdominal exercises hipopressivos

Doing hipopressive abdominal exercise helps to improve muscle tone , giving a firmer and more correct posture, in addition to avoiding back pain and tune our waist. This method is also excellent for women who are in postpartum . Just do the exercise at home for 20 minutes, at least 3 times a week.

If you do not know the concept of hipopressiva gymnastics, it consists of:

  • You should inhale the air normally and release it completely until the abdomen begins to contract on its own. Then he shrugs his belly, as if you were sucking his abdominal muscles inward, and wanted to pull his navel over his back;
  • Initially, the contraction should be maintained for 10 to 20 seconds. It gradually increases the contraction seconds , and tries to stay as long as possible without breathing.
  • He pauses, refills his lungs and relaxes. Gradually you should return to normal breathing.

3) Supplements that can help define the abs

Thermogenic: Prozis Fat Burner

extra strong prozis burnerThe Fat Burner’s Catalog can help you reach your weight loss goals through its powerful thermogenic action . My suggestion is to take two capsules of this extra-strong burner at breakfast.

However, in order to adapt this supplement, like others, to your body, I always advise you to consult your nutritionist.

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